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      Lott: Scott didn't want to come back to stressful situation

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Former Police Chief Randy Scott has been off the job for one month, but on May 13, he will be back to work in law enforcement as a sheriff's deputy for Richland County.

      Sheriff Leon Lott says Scott approached him recently about the possibility of taking a less stressful position with the Sheriff's Dept., after resigning as police chief due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

      "As he's progressed in his counseling and recovery, we started talking about it -- that he wanted to come back to work -- but he didn't want to come back as a supervisor or any stressful situation," said Lott

      Scott worked for the Sheriff's Dept. before going to the Police Dept. in 2010. Lot says the demands of being a police chief added to the issues he says scott struggled with.

      "Coming back here in a deputy sheriff's position as an a lot different," said Lott. "It's gonna allow him to still have that law enforcement career but also address some of the priorities that he needs to have in his life, which is his family and his health."

      Scott will now have a lower ranking position, working with the community and helping develop the department's leadership training program. His starting salary is $40,000.

      "He brings a lot of experience with leaderships -- the good and the bad -- and now he'll be able to pass that on to future leaders we've got here," said Lott.

      Many deputies have PTSD and work successfully on the job, according to Lott. He adds, Richland County Sheriff's Dept. has help for deputies with PTSD, and Scott will have access to those resources.