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      Low voter turnout in the Midlands

      Columbia, S.C.(WACH)--Low voter turnout in the Midlands could be a result of recent arguments over disqualified candidates.

      A Supreme Court ruling caused nearly 250 hopefuls to be removed from primary ballotd Tuesday.

      According to the ruling, the candidates were taken off the ballot for not filing financial paperwork correctly.

      "It just concerns me because if that many people didn't get it right," said Dr. Ed Ellis, voter. "There's something wrong with the process."

      Dave Loftin has been managing voting precincts for several years. He is not surprised about the poor voter turnout.

      "I just think because the very few races on the ballot," said Loftin. "And some the confusion that happened and the weather."

      Eric Scriven, voter, is also concerned about the filing process.

      "I thought it was a communication issue from the candidates filing not being in the correct form." Said Scriven. "I think that hampered with the process, but we have to go with what we have."

      Nearly 300 polling places in 14 counties were not open because no races needed to be determined in those areas.