Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell has decided not to seek re-election.

Lt. Gov. McConnell is not seeking re-election

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell has decided not to seek re-election.

â??I have spent the past month weighing the decision about whether to seek re-election or to offer my name as a candidate for the presidency of the College of Charleston. Any effort to pursue both goals at the same time is simply not an honorable path.â?? Said Lt. Gov. McConnell in a statement he released today.

McConnell goes on to say that it would not be fair to other good candidates who wanted to seek this office or the voters of South Carolina to ask them for support for Lt. Governor if there is a chance he wonâ??t remain in the campaign.

Instead of running for re-election, McConell has offered his name for consideration to the College of Charleston.

During the months left in his current term, McConnell says he will focus on the reform proposals his office is developing to help the stateâ??s growing population of senior without being distracted by the demands of a re-election campaign.

McConnell says the most compelling reason he has chosen this course is because of his love for College of Charleston and his belief that he can be of service to the school in facing the complex challenges and capturing the opportunities the future holds.