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      Luck shines on Lexington with a single Powerball winning ticket

      LEXINGTON (SC)â??Someone in the Palmetto State is waking up happy and just a touch richer Thursday morning, as they are the sole winning Powerball ticket holder.

      According to Holli Armstrong with the South Carolina Educational Lottery , the Powerball jackpot ticket was sold at the Murphy USA on Augusta Road. The numbers, 7-10-22-32-35 and Powerball 19, represents the largest winning Powerball ticket ever sold in South Carolina, worth $399.4 million dollars.

      The winner can select the cash option of $233 million or an annuity, paid over 29 years totaling the nearly $4 million dollar prize.

      Armstrong advises the winner, who has yet to step forward, to sign the back of the ticket, put it in a safe place, notify financial and legal advice, and come forward to claim the ticket.

      South Carolina had another lucky winner last night, by matching the first 5 white ball numbers, earning $1 million. That ticket was sold at the Tiger Express in Hampton.

      Michael Beam with Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union points out anyone coming into a large sum of money needs to consider several options before and after collecting their cash.

      First you'll need a team of lawyers -- a business lawyer, a state lawyer and taxes and trust attorneys to start.

      Then you need a certified financial advisor.

      Beam says their advice is key in determining which payout a jackpot winner should choose.

      "There's also the concern that if you get it all up front which most people do that if you mistakes early you don't have another chance, but if you get a lottery payout and it's over 30 years you really have 29 more chances to make right decisions," said Beam.