Lugoff gets major donation, thanks to Firehouse Subs

The Lugoff Fire Department received a major gift, courtesy of Firehouse Subs on Monday.

The franchise donated over $12,000 worth of state of the art tools, giving the Kershaw county town over $12,000 worth of state-of-the-art tools. The department now has new, efficient jacks to free people from cars and other debris.

They also received digital thermal imaging cameras used to find people inside heavily smoked buildings by sensing their body heat.

The items would normally not be available due to budget constraints. Fire Chief Dennis Ray said it will help save many more lives.

"To have the capability to see through smoke and quickly identify victims decreases that rescue time. So it is incredible that we have these tools. If it was not for the support of Firehouse Subs, through their grant opportunity through their foundation, we would not have these type of tools."

Firehouse Subs began donating to departments in 2005, when they assisted first responders helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. The company has given out over $3.5 million to 275 communities.