Magazine ranks Columbia low on list of iPad friendly locales

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- According to a new article, the Midlands isn't quite on the cutting edge of technology.

Men's Health Magazine ranks Columbia 86th on their list of 100 cities that they consider iPad hot spots.

The article in the September issue of the magazine gives South Carolina's capital city a D- when it comes to adopting tablet technology.

Plano, TX came in at the number one spot, followed by San Jose, CA, San Francisco, CA, Boise, ID and Austin, TX.

Cincinnati, OH, Baltimore, MD, Detroit, MI, Fort Wayne, IN and Toledo, OH round out the last of the 100 cities on the list.

The magazine based the placements on ad impressions coming from tablets, along with the number of Apple and Best Buy stores per capita and the percentage of households that own tablets, notebooks or laptops.

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One way for the Midlands to improve its ranking is for the luddites who find typing on touch screens difficult to buy a Bluetooth keyboard.

WACH Fox News recently reported on parents who came forward with concerns about iPad use in schools.

Do you agree with Men's Health ranking Columbia 86 out of 100 in this survey? What about the statistics they used to come up with the placement? Vote in our poll and leave your comments below to weigh in.