Maintaining Safety at the State Fair

It's something you expect to see an at airport or even inside a government building, but at the state fair?

Metal Detectors are making a return this year.

Sergeant Rafael Gonzalez with the Richland County Sheriff's Department, says the detectors are necessary to maintain control.

"Safety here at the state fair is paramount for us," said Gonzalez. "We always want to have everyone coming out...that it's a family atmosphere...that they can come and enjoy it without having any incidents or issues."

Issues that deputies on patrol are looking out for.

"It sends a strong message to the public, it also sends a strong message to the bad guys if they are up to no good," said Gonzalez.

Fairgoer and mother Shaquanda Gallman, says having the officers nearby offers peace of mind.

"I've seen several circling around the fair so that's very important," said Gallman.

Sgt. Gonzalez says families should have a game plan if they bring children to the fair, just in case they get separated.

"A lot of the kids actually come up to us and say 'Hey I've lost my Mom or Dad I can't find them.' And we'll take them to that location and make sure they can get with their parents," said Gonzalez.

From crowd control to public safety, it's all part of the job for the deputies at the state fair.