Making a difference with Camp Kemo

Camp Kemo has been serving the Midlands for more than 30 years.

BATESBURG-LEESVILLE, SC (WACH) - Camp Kemo has been serving the Midlands for more than 30 years.

It brings cancer patients and their families together in a week-long summer camp known for the excitement each camper experiences while simply being who they are.

"It's been amazing and I'm happy I came," said Lauren Bullard.

Bullard was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in 2013. After surgery to remove the tumor, she has been cancer-free since February of 2014.

This is her first summer at Camp Kemo, and the teen says being a part of the program has helped her accept a situation she shares with so many others here.

"You can talk about it and not have people be like what? Or say, I don't want to say demeaning things but say things that make you feel like it's not important," added Bullard.

The camp is staffed by doctors, nurses, and volunteers and some of those volunteers know exactly what these young people are facing.

"It's like my second home," said Megan Zuzak, a Camp Kemo counselor. "I grew up here. I was diagnosed when I was eleven with Burkitt Lymphoma. I started coming when I was 12. I came for five years, and then took a year off, came back as a CIT, so this is my tenth year as a counselor."

Tiffany Walker is in her last year at Camp Kemo and hopes to come back next year as a volunteer as well.

"Camp Kemo helped me in many ways," said Walker. "It helped me to become a stronger person. I now have a bigger heart to support other people too. That's what I want to do."

And what they're doing here is making a big difference.

Camp Kemo 2014 ends this Saturday.

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