Man arrested for burning child's feet in boiling water

Deron Robinson is charged with abuse to inflict great bodily harm upon a child

COLUMBIA (WACH) --The Orangeburg Department of Public Safety says a Cameron man is accused of dunking a toddler's feet into boiling water.

Robinson is charged with abuse to inflict great bodily injury upon a child.

Doctors said that both of the childâ??s feet were burned up to his ankles.

Robinson says that the burns were caused by a pot of boiling water splashing on the child, but the doctors said that the burns had no splash marks. The burns looked like they came being dunked into boiling water.

The burns were from the childâ??s feet to ankles evenly.

The child was transferred to Joseph M. Still burn center in Augusta, GA for treatment, where the attending physician documented his injuries as a result of being scalded through immersion.

The incident report says Robinson is the boyfriend of the childâ??s mother.