Man Finds Dead Brother Still Moving Inside Morgue Body Bag

<span style="TEXT-TRANSFORM: capitalize; TEXT-INDENT: 0px; LETTER-SPACING: normal; DISPLAY: inline !important; FONT: 500 18px/25px helvetica; WHITE-SPACE: normal; FLOAT: none; COLOR: rgb(108,2,2); WORD-SPACING: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px">Man Finds Dead Brother Still Moving Inside Morgue Body Bag</span>

BRAZIL (WPEC/WACH)- A 54-year-old Brazilian man has quite a story to tell.

Valdelucio Goncalves was declared dead after suffering two heart attacks at a hospital in the city of Salvador, Brazil, a news station in Brazil reports. But apparently he wasn't dead!

The man's brother went to the morgue to dress him for a funeral when he noticed the body bag was wriggling.

The brother called for help and the staff got him out and confirmed that Valdelucio was very much alive.

Valdelúcio is still hospitalized.