Marchant set to take polygraph exam

State Representative Nikki Haley.

With just one day to go before voters decide party nominees in the race for governor, Republican candidate Nikki Haley has been on the receiving end of several accusations.

Two men have come forward claiming they had physical relationships with Haley in the past. Now one of them is set to take a polygraph exam to back up his allegation.

Lobbyist Larry Marchant and blogger Will Folks have made the allegations that have made national media headlines, but neither have offered any substantial proof to support the claims.

WACH Fox News has offered both Marchant and Folks an invitation to a paid polygraph test conducted by a state licensed expert at their convenience.

WACH Fox News contacted both accusers late Thursday afternoon.

Marchant replied Friday accepting the invitation under one condition; that WACH Fox News announce to Haley that he is challenging her to take the test and get her either accepting or declining on camera.

Regardless of her reply, Marchant said he would then take the test.

So Friday night, our partner FOX Carolina caught up with Haley in the Upstate where she was campaigning.

"What are you going to do, start strapping polygraph tests to everybody making an allegation?" Haley told the reporter on camera. "I think we need to be practical here."

WACH Fox News followed up with Marchant to get his response to Haley's comments on Sunday.

"I will be more than happy to take a polygraph test. I will have my attorney contact WACH FOX News on Monday," says Marchant. "I am not surprised that she [Haley] is not going to take one. I have been speaking the truth from the beginning and I am looking forward to having this back up my statement."

Marchant is scheduled to take the polygraph exam Monday afternoon. WACH FOX News will be there.

Folks contacted us Friday morning, however he did not tell us whether he would submit to the lie detector test.

Keep checking back for updates and rely on our Politics Page for the latest on the gubernatorial primary race along with others.

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