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      Mardi Gras comes to Columbia

      A little slice of New Orleans came to Columbia on Saturday.

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A little slice of New Orleans came to Columbia on Saturday.

      Thousands of people came our to City Roots on Airport Dr. to take part in the city's 3rd Annual Mardi Gras Parade. The parade went down Rosewood Dr. and came back to City Roots.

      It gave people the chance to celebrate with food, drinks, and music; without having to go to the Bayou City. The Animal Mission also hosted a dog parade; and all of the proceeds go to the Animal Mission.

      Parade Co-Captain Eric McClem said it is a great time for everyone.

      "How it started was a fundraiser for another farmer whose barn burned down," McClem said. "It is a family friendly event. There's lots of good food, entertainment, great music. It is a really fun music festival that looks back at New Orleans a little bit as something we can do in Columbia."

      There was also a festival after the parade. New Orleans band Captain Midnight, along with 21 other bands, performed at the festival.

      Food vendors served gumbo, barbecue, seafood, and other dishes.