Marijuana in the Midlands: The risks and benefits of using cannabis

Marijuana in the Midlands: The impacts on health


The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington state has alot of people talking. The use of cannabis has been widely debated for decades, and in early 2014 we see many states looking to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, and that has some people worried.

Dr. Brian Fox of Palmetto Health Adolescent Addiction Recovery Center says when you smoke marijuana you run the risk of pretty significant mental symptoms, such as increased depression, anxiety, a lot of agigtation and paranoia. There are some significant memory and attention problems because users can't seem to focus. From a physological standpoint around the rest of the body he talks about introducing harmful substances to your lungs.

These are true for chronic users, however Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti, the Director of Research at USC says there are very few dangers for the casual smoker. In addition, the medical advances are frankly, game changing.

His team is currently researching both THC and CBD, two of the 68 cannabinoids found in marijuana, and their findings could be life saving. It's already known that these cannabinoids interact with our body's natural cannabinoid receptors to show positive results for reducing tumors, seizures, and auto immune disorders like rhumetoid arthritis.

However the big story is that their lab is the very first to have significant data regarding a cure for cancer. That's worth repeating... A CURE FOR CANCER!

Dr. Nagarkatti goes on to say, "...Our lab was the first one to demonstrate that when we use these cannibinoids, we can cure almost 30% of the mice completely and not only that, when we took the cancer cells from cancer patients and cultured them with THC or cannabidal, they can effectively kill the cancer cells as well" They are currently testing the cannabinoids on humans in clinical trials, with results expected in a few months.

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