Marines gearing up for a fun and dirty weekend

Despite the Sunny forcast, a very muddy event takes place in Columbia this weekend, as thousands gather for the annual mud run challenge at Fort Jackson.

When Saturday rolls around, there will be a lot of ground to cover for you dirt devils out there.

Four point two miles of muddy, wet terrain for the fifteenth annual Marine Corps mud run challenge.

Five thousand runners are expected to turn out for the event and Major James Williamson says the event continues to grow each year.

" A lot of people like to be challenged and this obstacle course is something that you won't be able to do anywhere else in the local area," said Williamson.

Thirty obstacles and more than one hundred thousand gallons of water have been brought in for the event.

Expect to see swimming, climbing, running and jumping throughout your trek through the McGrady Training Center.

" Last year I think the most surprising thing for me was that everybody that started the race was smiling and everyone who finished the race was smiling, " said Williamson.

The challenge isn't all fun and games. The money raised will help families who've lost loved ones or have been wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Major Williamson recommends not bringing your Sunday best to the event. and a change of clothes may be necessary.

"I'd expect the clothes you wear, won't look the same again. They'll have a darker shade of brown than when you started," said Williamson.

And take advice from me, you may leave a little wetter and sandier than when you came.