May-like temps to hang around through the weekend

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Isn TMt it funny that a year ago the Midlands was dealing with a major snow storm, and now we are dealing with May-like temps? So can we put the winter clothes up for good? Well, not just yet.

The SkyWACH Weather Team is predicting the higher than average temps to remain through the weekend at least. And across the Midlands people are prepping for outdoor activities.

Friday afternoon, USC Baseball fans could be seen tailgaiting outside the stadium waiting for the season opener to start. Sun seekers also flocked to parks during their lunch hours to enjoy the pleasant weather.

This rare warm-up is due to the jetstream location, the strongest winds in the upper parts of the atmosphere. The jetstream is a dividing line between warm air and cool air. Or better yet, it TMs a brick wall in which cold air cannot get around the jetstream to head south, and warm air cannot get around it to move north of it.

Currently, the jetstream is located from central California through the Minnesota right into the great lakes region. With it being located so far north, this has allowed warm air to move back into the south. Over the next seven days there is little change in the jetstream location which means mild temps will stick around!

Join Justin Kier for the WACH FOX Report at 6:30 and WACH FOX News at 10 Friday evening, where he TMll talk more about this very pleasant warm-up! I'll also be going live from Carolina Stadium at 6:30 p.m.

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