Members hold Easter service at burned down church

St. Paul Lutheran Church members hosted their Easter service in front of the 252 year-old church that burned down in January.

POMARIA, SC (WACH)--Courtney Hentz is a life long member of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

The Clemson student said Sunday's Easter Service was the first time she was back since the historic building went up in flames last January.

"I was at school and I was just devastated the entire day," Hertz said. "But it has been really great to see all of the communities that have come together and show the love for god."

Hentz was one of hundreds of others showing that love Sunday. Members hosted their service in front of the 252 year-old church. Leaders also held a service outside three days after the January fire; but had not held a Sunday service since then.

Pastor Brent Nichols said Easter service at the place of worship was only fitting.

"It was a little bit emotional at first," Nichols said. "So I had to compose myself a little. But we wanted to do it here. We really wanted to do it on the front lawn of the church."

Pastor Nichols gave worshippers a special message during the service.

"Our church is in ashes right now, but through the power of god, we're going to rebuild. This is not a death for us. This is a new beginning. We are going to have a far more glorious and wonderful life as a congregation then we had before."

A resurrection similar to the one Christians believe in on this holy day.

"It all clicked to me," Hentz said. "I thought it was very interesting. Everybody was able to think clear about the whole situation and Easter as a whole; and bring our church into it. It just made it a personal feeling for everybody."

A feeling; and a church; they believe will rise from the ashes.

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