Middle school students to dissect pig for Camp Operation

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? More than a dozen students are participating in camps at Lexington-Richland School District Fiveâ??s Center for Advanced Technical Students from June 16-June 19.

The yearâ??s camps include Camp Operation, where middle-school aged students are dissecting animal parts and organs, and a Future Film Makers Camp, were students get an introduction to moviemaking while completing a short film.

â??Weâ??ve learned that bone marrow is very swishy,â?? she said Katherine Pierce after eying the goo on the end of her metal tweezers. â??I want to be an engineer, so itâ??s fun for me to look inside things and see how they work.â??

Students at Camp Operation explored the inside of cowsâ?? bones on the first day, scraping marrow and studying the layers and structures. The four day camp will include dissections and study of eyes, hearts, brainsâ??even a pig, said instructors Julie Krusen and Rebecca Howell.

â??We wanted this to be fun for the students but also something they can learn from,â?? said Krusen, a biomedical science instructor at the school and District Fiveâ??s 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year. â??Theyâ??re going to dissect a heart; theyâ??re going to study neurologyâ?¦and play medical examiners on the last day and dissect a pig. All these are hands-on lessons that will expose them to bioscience and give them a glimpse of classes we offer here at The Center.â??

Howell added, â??Students learn some life science and body systems lessons in seventh grade, but itâ??s really something in South Carolina we donâ??t study a lot. So, this gives them a leg up and a chance to experiment in an area that theyâ??re interested in and learn a little more about it without it just being play.â??

Students at the filmmaking camp used high-tech equipment to learn the fundamentals of video camera focus, levels and balances.

â??Most of the students here are interested in filmmaking as a career, so the camps are appealing to them because they want to be creative and learn the technology. Plus, the students actually think itâ??s a fun thing to do during the summer,â?? said Ashlon Langley, a media technology instructor at The Center.