Midlands Boston Marathon runner returns home safely

Midlands Boston Marathon runner returns home safely.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A Midlands runner returned from the Boston Marathon safely Wednesday.

Dr. Frank Clark puts in countless hours on the pavement training for a sport he has grown to love. Running has been a part of Clarks life since he was a teen, and competing in the Boston Marathon was fulfilling a lifelong dream.

"As I crossed the finish line I had a big smile on my face and as I kept walking getting ready to receive my medal I just broke down it was tears of joy, and I think it finally set in that Iâ??ve completed this race; I've persevered," said Clark.

Finishing the race at a personal best time of 2 hours 54 minutes and 43 seconds Clark was felling proud.

Shortly after crossing the finish line, the accomplished runner joined friends and fellow running mates to embrace the moment with a celebration though that was short lived.

"Maybe 10 minutes later as I'm walking away from the finish line back to my hotel, still runners are still coming through the finish line, and all of the sudden, the next thing I know, I heard two explosions," said Clark.

The two explosions took the lives of three people and injured nearly 200 others.

Frank was only a few blocks away at the time of the bombing trying to process what happened.

"I could hear it. I could hear it and you could just see the smoke," said Clark.

When the smoke cleared and reality set in frank was left with mixed emotions.

"Sadness, disappointment, anger," said Clark.

Frank like many others says he doesn't understand why someone would want to harm others. But feels strongly that the country will get through this trying time and points out that Americans are resilient something he witnessed first hand at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

"We're all affected by this and I think everyone has come together and we're not just going to give up," said Clark. "People are still going to run marathons, my heart goes out to the city of Boston."