Midlands business owners prepare for Tropical Storm Andrea

Kelly Tabor, owner of Good for the Sole, lined up sandbags at his store Thursday.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - With Tropical Storm Andrea on path to blow through the Midlands early Friday Morning, many parts of the metro area could see flooding.

Five Points Business owners are preparing for the worst.

Kelly Tabor, owner of Good for the Sole, lined up sandbags at his store Thursday.

"I've got about ten sandbags in back that I'll be hoofing out later today," said Tabor.

The businessman is no stranger to flooding and plans to tape around his windows and doors before putting sandbags out to prevent water from seeping into this shop.

"The seven years that we've been open, we've flooded seven times, so it's pretty serious for us," said Tabor.

Tabor says the worst flooding he remembers in the popular entertainment district was two years ago. Two shops next to him forgot to put sandbags out and water rushed in from all sides of the store.

"I get high anxiety when I think about things like that, but with this weather alert that we've got, this warning that the storm is coming through, hopefully everyone will be prepared," said Tabor.

Just around the corner, longtime Five Points business owner Debbie McDaniel says flooding comes with the territory.

"I've got my gloves, my slicker; I've got my rain boots," said McDaniel.

McDaniel says when storms strike, the creek can only hold so much water.

"You have this immense amount of water. You know, it's like if you have a straw and you're pouring water through it, the water has to go somewhere at some point," said McDaniel.

McDaniel and Tabor both say part of the problem is yard debris blocking the storm drains from working. If that happens, the Five Points community comes together to clear the drains so water can start flowing again.

"We are so lucky that we are surrounded by six neighborhoods. We've got hundreds of merchants and just friends and fans of Five Points that come out no matter what time of day it is, and they put on their boots and they help us clean up," said Amy Beth Franks with the Five Points Association.