Midlands churches unite to change the community

The Community Changers are helping two families and creating a shrub garden in downtown Swansea.

SWANSEA, SC (WACH) -- Three Midlands churches are uniting to complete multiple community service projects this week.

Swansea First Baptist, Faith Baptist, and Sardis Baptist Church are coming together to help two families with their homes and create a shrub garden in downtown Swansea.

They call themselves the Community Changers. The group consists of 50 students and adult organizers from the churches.

Brenton Lucas is an 18-year-old volunteer, and this is his sixth summer volunteering with Community Changers.

"The community gets a garden, and what do I have to do, I have to spend a week of my time. They all get to enjoy it and all get to be more fortunate just for a week of my time; I think that's well worth it," said Lucas.

While Lucas' group worked on a downtown garden, another group worked on a mobile home a few miles away.

A single mother and her two children are waiting patiently to move into their mobile home, which the Community Changers are working on inside and out.

They are building landings on the outside and cleaning the inside to get the county's approval. Hopefully, the family will move in at the end of the week.

"It's just nice to be able to do work in your own back yard and help your own community," said Ronnie Dasher an adult volunteer for the group.