Midlands couple have miracle baby through advanced technology

The Williams attended the Advanced Fertility Reunion with their son.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Some couples dream of having children soon after marriage. Out of those couples who see kids in their future, some of them put their dream of growing their family on hold.

Lori and Larry Williams were married 10 years ago. They both envisioned children quickly after their union. "We wanted to be young parents," Lori said.

According to Lori, both she and her husband's career took priority. "We both were focused on our careers and really growing with our companies and then about five years into it, we knew we had a problem," she said.

That problem was Lori being diagnosed with endometriosis. Her and Larry's dream of having kids of their own was on the line, but Lori was determined. "Looking back on it, we knew that God had a plan and we thought we would try in vitro fertilization one time," she said.

The Williams' sought the help of Dr. Whitman-Elia. She recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is a process by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the womb. The egg becomes an embryo and is transferred back into the woman's womb.

Dr. Whitman says IVF a 30-day process and very emotional one for couples. "Most people want to have children when they want to have children. They want to have control over their bodies and it's difficult when you can't do that on demand," she said.

Some women who undergo the procedure have many embryo's to chose from. That wasn't the case for Lori; she only had one embryo. After going through a lot of emotions and risking some of their life savings, the Williams' dream of growing their family was riding on that one embryo.

They decided to continue on with the procedure and 15 months later, they are enjoying life with their six month old son. "He sleeps through the night now which is really, really nice and it's just pure bliss," Lori said.

For couples who are holding on to their own dream of having children but aren't getting pregnant Dr. Whitman-Elia advises folks to seek advice from a professional. "Explore it. Don't let people tell you not to worry about it because I think people lose valuable time sometimes waiting for it to happen," she said.

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