Midlands job seekers meet with major companies

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Nearly 1,400 job seekers went looking for work Wednesday in Columbia.

The University of South Carolina held a job fair for current students and alumni and invited a broad spectrum of employers.

Despite a slow economy in a state with one of the highest jobless rates in the country many remain hopeful.

â??We are seeing a recovery in the job market and the bottom line is employers cannot put off hiring forever, they have turn-over and they have to replace people," said Tom Halasz, director of the USC Career Center.

Major corporations like Apple, Target and Bosch were just a few of the companies looking for qualified candidates. The amount of employers at this year's event was up fifteen percent compared to 2011.

Job seekers like Solomon Black, a political science who is set to graduate from USC next year, hopes he can join one of those companies' ranks.

"College is going to end soon and we want to be a part of the workforce when that comes around," said Black. "I can't live with my mom anymore."

The Moore School of Business will hold another job fair later this month.

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