Midlands memorial to honor victims of Sept. 11 attack

Two steel beams from the World Trade Center / Adam Pinsker

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Local leaders and first responders are unveiling plans to build a 9-11 memorial in the Midlands.

The 9-11 First Responders Memorial will feature two steel beams from the World Trade Center. Those beams came from Tower 1, where Dawn Yamashiro's brother Brian was on 9-11.

"He was a hero to his little boy," said Yamashiro. "A little boy that won't be having his daddy around any longer, and if that's what we remember out of this, that all those who perished on that day were heroes; that's just great."

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Dan Hennigan is leading the effort to create the memorial. The Brooklyn native and Army veteran now lives in Lexington County.

Simply put we must never forget, he said.

Hennigan is trying to raise more than $170,000 for the project and hopes to unveil the memorial in Columbia on August 11.

Memorial organizers have received significant assistance from Midlands businesses, but are also appealing to the general public to help them raise money to help complete the project.

If you are interested in learning more about the memorial project or would like to offer assistance you can call the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center at 803-545-0062 or click here.

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