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      Midlands mom creates closer bond with son using technology

      Columbia, SC (WACH) - While some parents may learn how to use modern technology from their children, once they've become experts at the craft, it could become a negative message to their little ones.

      However, local mothers like Sade Dukes do not picture herself as a mom who's missing out.

      The Columbia mother says technology has actually brought her and her four-year-old closer.

      "I found a way to kill two birds with one stone. I get to keep it and he likes to look back at himself," said Dukes.

      Dukes used to juggle two technologies with an I-Pad and smartphone. Now she's just down to the phone, but still finds herself frequenting the internet quite a bit.

      "Instagram, a whole lot. Facebook, not so much," said Dukes.

      She doesn't think it takes away from the quality time spent with her son.

      Steve Arneson, a counselor with Lake Murray Counseling, says time is a four-letter word that spells out love to a child.

      "Online technology is becoming addictive and is often harming families because children need time and attention from their parents," said Arneson. "When parents are surfing the web or engaging with social media they are teaching their children that their technology is more important than their children's affection."

      However, Dukes says since her son Avery was born four years ago she has learned to find a balance. She thinks technology has been another source of communication to their family and friends and another way Avery will be able to remember his childhood.

      "I make sure I keep all the memories because I don't have any memories of me when I was that age," said Dukes. "I just have school pictures so I kind of don't remember what I did when I was younger. I really do it so that when he gets older he can watch home videos opposed to just hearing stories."

      Steve Arneson says if you find yourself using technology often, a good way to balance the activity is making your child the priority when they are present.

      "When the child is taking a nap, going to daycare, or going to school, then engage in technology," added Arneson. "If you can put down your electronics for a couple of days, then it is a hobby, but if it is checked several times a day, it may be an addiction.

      Which could lead to a lasting impact on you and your child.