Midlands puppy powering through rare disability

Columbia, SC(WACH)-A disabled dog is fighting for his life in the Midlands.

Squirky is a Tea Cup Chihuahua that was born without two front legs.

The petite pooch is full of energy and spunk but a genetic mutation is holding him back.

"He's probably a little more self-c

onfident than even a normal puppy,

" said Jane Brundage of Pets Inc. "It might be because he's had so much attention."

Pets Inc. is raising money to help Squirky get the wheel chair device he needs to help him get around.

The three-month-old currently gets around by using his hind legs, but the hop style movement is taking a toll on his body.

"He's going to have to have some type of device because as he moves he bounces around pretty hard on his chin." Said Brundage.

The carriage that Squirky needs could cost up to $500.

Squirky is currently being cared for in a temporary foster home but once he is fully developed and healthy he will be placed in a permanent home.

For more information on how you can help Squirky click here.