Midlands residents react to President Obama's gun proposals

Columbia, SC (WACH)--President Obama's gun proposals made people pop off in the Midlands on Wednesday.

University of South Carolina student Alex Baldauf was studying at Drip coffee house in Five Points; when he read the president's recommendations.

"Half of them are sensible," Baldauf said. "The other half are just trying to lay blame where it does not need to be. We are shirking personal accountability with a lot of it. And that is what we need to get back into with this country."

Baldauf said his family has collected guns before, and that many collect them for a hobby. He was taught to be responsible with them. Although he agrees with universal background checks, he said banning weapons will not solve the problem.

"Guns do not kill people. People with guns kill people, or people with knives, or people with a fork. So let's ban forks."

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews feels the same way. He supports federal money for Resource Officers in every school; but said banning weapons of any kind is not the answer.

"All of the laws that he (President Obama) is proposing have no effect on this most recent tragedy in Connecticut," Matthews said. "So I am suspicious of them. Gun laws are only going to be abide by law-abiding people."

Many like USC student Heather Chappell, say the bottom line is simply protecting children; although how to do that best is not clear. Chappell said she supports more federal dollars for School Resource Officers, despite the budget deficit.

"The money is one problem," Chappell said. "But also, children need to be protected. And if it comes down to every school having a Resource Officer with a weapon, then so be it."

A divisive issue that is sure to get continued support on both sides of the argument.