Midlands students participate in Walk to School Day

Each year, the event is hosted by Safe Routes to School.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - More than 78,000 students and around 200 schools in South Carolina were scheduled to participate in international Walk to School Day Wednesday.

Students from Summit Parkway Middle School and the Center for Inquiry walked to school Wednesday morning participated in the celebration.

The event is organized in an effort to help create safer walking and biking routes. It also focuses on the importance of increasing physical activity among children.

"I think it's really good for everyone to get a little exercise in them, but also be safe around school," said Emilie Spivey with the Center for Inquiry.

The walk included giveaways, a signing of the "Walk to School" banner and a walk around the bus circle with middle school students.

"Apparently, it's kind of like, you get exercise while you're having fun, so it's kind of all worth it," said Stella Walters with the Center for Inquiry.

The Summit Eagle mascot joined in the walk as well.

Each year, the event is hosted by Safe Routes to School.

The event was founded in 1997 by The Partnership for a Walkable America and is expected to be celebrated in 40 countries worldwide this year.