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      Midlands woman 105-years-old and still working hard

      â??I was very excited to take care of those patients I feed them I took them away from the hospital,â?? added Florence Levy.

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Florence Levy, 105, has been serving customers for decades at Moe Levy's on Assembly Street, which was opened by her husband Moe Levy more than 90 years ago.

      Levy has been running the shop with her daughter and son-in-law since Moe??s death.

      ??I've gotta check on him. I let him do all the work, and I give the orders,?? said Florence Levy.

      Levy is originally from Brooklyn, New York and she moved to South Carolina after finishing high school.

      The mother of three has seen it all in her 105 years and one of her proudest moments was being able to help those with disabilities.

      ??I was very excited to take care of those patients. I feed them I took them away from the hospital,?? added Florence Levy.

      Levy's daughter Gloria Rittenberg feels lucky she's had her mom right by her side all these years and say's the store is what's keeping her going.

      ??She speaks to everyone that comes in the store and if they don't answer her she gets upset with them,?? said Rittenberg.

      Levy and her late husband opened up a pawn shop next door to their outfitter shop more than 40 years ago and that's where you'll find Levy.

      The 105-year-old working woman has no plans of calling it quits anytime soon.

      ??I thank the almighty for the years that I??m here,?? said Levy.

      Rittenberg says her mother is a remarkable woman who still has her head on her shoulders and knows all three of her children.

      Levy was given the key to the city last year by Columbia leaders and has a busy schedule for 2013.

      This weekend she will see her great grand daughter get married and on March 2 she will turn 106.