Military kids head back to school on the base

Students who attend school at Fort Jackson listen to their teacher reading them a book.

FORT JACKSON (WACH) -- At first glance, the classrooms in Pierce Terrace Elementary look like any other school. However, behind the walls is Fort Jackson, the nationâ??s largest Army training facility.

First-grader Kyle Radonskiâ??s family lives on the base so he attends the school. He says going to class on post is fun because he has more freedom.

â??Today I actually walked here all by myself,â?? boasted Radonski at school Thursday.

While students learn the same material taught at public schools, teachers do focus on special needs of military children.

â??The kids here have some special needs and need some understanding,â?? said Jennifer Taylor, a teacher at Pierce Terrace. â??Mom or dad might be away or deployed and we definitely have our counselors here.â??

Taylor also says whatâ??s unique about her military students is how well-traveled they are. She says many of her students have lived overseas and that she learns things from them everyday.

There are two schools at Fort Jackson. Kids can attend them through sixth grade. After that, they attend Richland One schools.