Miraculous recovery touches community

Churches preach about miracles all the time. But more often than not, those miracles happened thousands of years ago. Well this Sunday, the congregation at Calvary Community Church was able to see a miracle right before their eyes.

That miracle is 8 year old Richard Culliver. Richard was diagnosed with an inoperable brian tumor last October and at the time, the prognosis was anything but positive.

"We asked immediately about Christmas because it's October 4th and Christmas is right around the corner, and every family looks forward to spending Christmas together. And his doctor recommended at the time that if he were here, he may not be aware of what's going on and we might want to consider celebrating Christmas early." says Stephanie McMillan, Richard's mother.

But even in the face of something so dark and daunting, Richard kept his focus on others.

"Little Richard, when he was at the hospital last October, not knowing his own demise, went and introduced himself to all the children on his floor at the hospital. And that night, the very day that his mother found out that he had an inoperable brain tumor, that night, he began to pray for his newfound friends at the hospital." recalls Gill Belec, the pastor of Calvary Community Church.

And in May of this year, miraculously, doctors were shocked when they did an MRI on Richard and found his tumor had all but disappeared- with no medication being given to him in the past months.

With the tumor shrinking, Richard has slowly regained his motor skills and ability to speak. So what did Stephanie actually miss when Richard was sick that she is happy to see coming back now?

"Fighting with his sister and brother. Because for a long time he wanted nothing to do with anybody that was not me. So seeing them fight with each other is, you know while i want to just be like 'ah!', it's really nice to see. And see him act normal." Stephanie says.

And even with all the attention her family has been getting lately, Stephanie says she never gets tired of sharing their story.

"I feel like the more I can share what has happened in our lives, maybe somebody who's going through something even somewhat similar might gain something from it. And if anybody else can hear our story and find God that's what it's all about for us." concludes Stephanie.