MIRCI's Homeless Recovery Center relocating

Transitions located on Main Street in Columbia.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Homeless Recovery Services of MIRCI partnering with Transitions of Columbia.

The Mental Illness Recovery Center, or MIRCI, has relocated it's Homeless Recovery Services Center on Gregg Street in downtown Columbia, to Transitions on Main Street.

Since the opening of Transitions in 2011, the number of clients MIRCI saw dropped from 80 per day to 10 per day.

The new partnership is expected to maximize the impact of getting homeless individuals off the streets and into permanent supportive housing.

Executive Director of MIRCI, Julie Ann Avin, says "As one of the people working in the Midlands for years to help create a downtown homeless center with services attached, I am thrilled that we are seeing such positive results. It only makes sense to capitalize on our resources and partner more closely with Transitions. This proves our planning and efforts were on the mark."

The Homeless Outreach Worker and Entitlement Specialist will now be co-located at Transitions.

The facility on Gregg Street will still be used to provide rehabilitative day services to other clients served by the agency.