Miss South Carolina contestants arrive in Columbia

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Well the girls have officially arrived.

The contestants for this year's Miss South Carolina Pageant have all gathered in Columbia to kickoff pageant week.

They all checked into the Embassy Suites hotel Saturday morning before gathering on the state house steps.

The morning serves as a way for the girls to introduce themselves to the community and have the community introduce itself to them.

Those involved in the pageant say the day is especially important for people to see these girls are more than just pretty faces.

" I think it's important to know the contestants are real. These young ladies come from all counties across our state. So it's just a great way for them to be able to relate to the contestants and show these contestants are real and part of their local community." says Ashley Byrd, the president of the Miss South Carolina organization.

There will be more pageant activities going on all week long.

It all leads up to the crowning of the new Miss South Carolina, which will happen next Saturday night at 8:00 on WACH Fox.