Missing 12 year-old found in Cayce

12 year-old Rashia Weller

RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH)-Cayce Police have confirmed 12 year-old Rashia Weller was found Wednesday night.

According to Lt. Jeff Simmons with the Cayce Police Department, Weller was located at Motel 6 in Cayce. Simmons tells WACH Fox Weller ran from police officers.

Richland County Sheriff Department spokesperson Curtis Wilson said Richland County Deputies identified Weller at the Cayce police department.

Wilson said Weller was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice for assaulting two police officers.

Investigators say 12-year-old Rashia Weller left her foster parents' home in Eastover on Sunday, August 3rd.

Richland County Investigators say the girl is from Hartsville and was placed in Eastover by the Darlington Department of Social Services in early August.