Missing Calhoun County soldier spotted in Indiana

A man believed to be missing soldier Robert Larson buying at a gas station in Gary, Indiana

GARY, INDIANA (WACH) -- A soldier from Ft. Jackson missing since Oct. 6 has been spotted on surveillance camera in Gary, Indiana.

According to a Facebook page that was setup last weekend, Sgt. Larson's wife, Pamela, put up the following statement:

"The current update is that Rob has been confirmed to have bought gas in Gary, Indiana at a Pilot gas station on October 9th. His hometown is North Branch, MN so it is believed that he is headed toward somewhere in the Midwest. I confirmed the security camera footage myself."

Pamela Larson also pointed out that people should still give any information they may have to the Calhoun County Sheriff's department. Calhoun County is still in charge of the investigation and is standing by for tips and possible sightings.

The page shows two photos of Larson buying gas at a Gary, Indiana gas station.

Calhoun County Sheriff Thomas Summers says investigators have determined that Larson is not in immediate danger.

"We have been looking at numerous angles from the very onset of this investigation," said Summers.

The sheriff's department has also discovered that Larson made purchases in the Columbia area the night he was reported missing.

Larson was believed to have been missing in the Sandy Run area of Calhoun County after he left home Saturday to ride around dirt roads in his Jeep Wrangler.

â??We utilized every resource we had in our efforts to help locate Mr. Larson. Iâ??m hopeful that he will reunite with his familyâ??, Sheriff Summers said.

According to the Sheriff, the local search has been suspended as Larson has not committed any crime.