Missing Midlands dog found, severely injured

Columbia (WACH)"Lexi, a 5 year old German Sheppard, needs your help, after being returned to her owner with a broken leg, and mounting veterinarian bills.

Lexi TMs story goes back about a year and a half, when her owner, Amber Hoey, adopted her from an animal shelter. Lexi had been dropped off after being abused, said Hoey of the dog that has created a solid bond with her 10 year old daughter.

On July 4 of this year, Lexi disappeared, and after a month of grass roots advertising, social media, and word of mouth, Hoey learned that a Gaston man had Lexi, and kept her outside tied to a tree. Hoey also learned that Lexi had a broken leg, and the man had not sought medial attention.

With the help of the citizen who alerted Hoey to Lexi TMs location, the two were reunited. When Hoey got Lexi back, she brought her to the vet, who verified that her leg was broken, and although the man who Lexi had claimed she was hit by a car, the veterinarian who examined her did not feel her injury was consistent with being hit by a car.

The apparent lack of medial attention to the leg when it was initially injured has resulted in Lexi now needing a surgical procedure, which will cost between $2000 and $4000 dollars. I am a single mother supporting my self and my child, so Lexi TMs surgery is more than I can afford, says Hoey.

With the mounting bills, Hoey has turned to the public for help. She has started an account at Go Fund Me, and is hoping to connect with members of the community through Facebook and WACH-Fox, to raise the money needed to help Lexi. If you would like to learn more about Lexi and her injury, you can call Amber Hoey at 803.446.2411 or email

UPDATE: On Wednesday morning, Amber reported that after her appearance on Good Day Columbia, that the goal had been met so that Lexi could get the surgery on her leg. She said she is still accepting donations for associated costs, such as pain medicatin while Lexi recoups. Amber has also started a Facebook page for Lexi.