More accusations hurled at DSS

COLUMBIA (WACH) - A mother desperate for answers dropping bombshell after bombshell while testifying in front of a Senate panel Wednesday.

"They only tell you what you want to hear." says Winton Swanson, who was testifying in regards to the Department of Social Services (DSS).

Swanson argues that DSS wasn't honest during her adoption process.

She says when her family raised questions or concerns during the adoption about the then 13 year old Zeke, they were quickly glossed over by the Agency.

They were told that all Zeke needed was a loving, stable environment.

However, the Swansons soon discovered Zeke needed much more than that.

"He has abused our dogs by kicking them and poking them with sharp objects. We were told he shows compassion towards animals. He picked the lock to the room where our biological son was asleep and beat him with a belt and found that funny." says Swanson with tears in her eyes.

Incidents like this have been occuring regualry for the Swansons since adopting Zeke.

After several medical evaulations, the teenager will return to his group home on April 7th.

Doctors told the Swansons it would be the best option for the trouble teen.

"He is not capable of living in a traditional family. Dr. Richards has written us a letter saying Zeke is a significant risk for dangerous behavior directed towards others. DSS continuously told us that things would get better." Swanson states.

Swanson's testimony obviously connected with the subcommittee and Senators were clearly irritatied with the Agency.

"Unfortunately you're left dealing with the ramifications of, in my opinion, an Agency that just pushes and pushes and pushes and doesn't take into consideration what it does to your family." says Senator Joel Lourie, a member of the subcommittee.

"There is a problem. Are we padding the numbers? And that's something we're investigating. Are we making sure all the correct information is out there. You know, we've got to find that out and make sure that the right information is out there and we know what's going on." states Senator Katrina Shealy, who is also a member of the subcommittee.

An investigation that will hopefully turn up answers when DSS's Director, Lillian Koller, is scheduled to testify before the subcommittee on April 16th.