More candidates disqualified from SC primaries

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH, AP) -- Nearly three dozen additional candidates have been disqualified from the South Carolina primaries next week.

Election officials say counties have submitted 35 additional names of candidates who did not submit paperwork properly.

County parties around the state have been re-examining candidate lists for the June 12 primary after the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Florence County Republicans disregarded an earlier ruling on paperwork submission and just certified all candidates.

Almost 200 candidates were dropped from the ballot last month after the state's highest court ruled that financial and candidacy paperwork must be submitted together. Since Wednesday, counties have decertified 35 more names, 16 of whom had been running for Statehouse seats.

The total number of disqualifed political hopefuls is now more than 200.

Eddie McCain was one of the candidates disqualified after the original Supreme Court ruling. Since then, he has been working to become a petition candidate for the November election.

He has secured some signatures, but it isn't easy.

"They'll ask you questions like 'Why were you taken off the ballot? You don't know how to follow directions? You know, what happened?' Then I have to tell them what happened," said McCain.

McCain filed to run as a Republican, but will have no party affiliation if he secures the more than 1,000 signatures of registered voters in the House 39 district he is hoping to represent.

On Friday, he lobbied for people to sign at the entrance to a Saluda recycling center. He picked up several dozen, bringing his total to nearly 400.

The retired Army sergeant isn't the only person seeking petitions to be part of the ballot in November's general election. But, even though he won't be included in Tuesday's primary, McCain and other candidates say they have been cleared to work for signatures outside of Lexington County polling places.

"It's a political nightmare. But, that's alright we're going to overcome," said McCain. "I will have my signatures."

McCain needs to submit his petition signatures by a July deadline to appear as an Independent candidate on the November ballot.

The newly disqualified names will be on this Tuesday's primary ballots, elections officials do not have adequate time to remove them, so signs will be at polling locations saying which candidates' votes won't be counted.

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A list of candidates who have been decertified from the South Carolina June 12 primary election since a Supreme Court ruling earlier this week:

Anderson County

Republican Party

-- James Mitchell Cole, County Council District 3

-- Denny Floyd, County Council District 5

-- Ann W. Smith, County Council District 6

-- Ted W. Luckadoo, State House District 8

-- Creed Hashe, Sheriff

Beaufort County

Republican Party

-- Laura Sterling, State House District 120

Charleston County

Republican Party

-- Brian Moody, County Council District 7

-- Carolyn W. Hughes, County Council District 6

-- Will Freeman, State House District 111

-- Sean Hughes, State House District 119

-- Sean Pike, State Senate District 41

-- Wally Burbage, State Senate District 41

Democratic Party

-- Carol Tempel, State House District 115.

Florence County

Republican Party

-- Ron Moore, City Council At Large

-- Susan Minck, County Council District 9

-- Warren L. Snell, Jr., County Council District 9

-- Chippy Johnson , State House District 62

Greenville County

Republican Party

-- Wyatt Miller, State Senate District 5

-- Tommie Reece, State Senate District 6

Horry County

Republican Party

-- Blake Hewitt, State House 105

-- Dennis DiSabato, Jr., State House 56

Jasper County

Republican Party

-- Laura Sterling, State House District 120

Laurens County

Republican Party

-- Robert I. Plaxico, Coroner

-- John W. Martin, County Council District 2

-- Hunter Doolittle, County Council District 7

-- David Brewer, Sheriff

-- Don Reynolds, Sheriff

Oconee County

Republican Party

-- Betsy Redmond, Auditor

-- Bill Leonard, County Council District 2

-- Frankie Pearson, County Council District 4

-- Dan Colby, County Council District 5

-- James Glenn Hart, County Council District 5

-- John Dalen, State House District 1

-- Ed Rumsey, State House District 2

-- Donnie Fricks, Sheriff

-- James Bartee, Sheriff

-- Terry Wilson, Sheriff

-- Mike Crenshaw, Sheriff



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