Morning WACH 3-13-13

GDC Morning WACH 3-13-13

Here is your GDC Morning WACH for Wednesday March 13, 2013:

Get your green on!

St. Patrickâ??s Day is just around the corner, and with that comes the annual St. Patâ??s in Five Points celebration, including the run, parade, and full day of music and fun. If you are interested in taking part in the Get to the Green 5K or 10K run, you can enter the promo code WACH and get $5 dollars off registration. Check it out


Or...get your purple on!

Did you know 9 out of 10 people who have Lupus are women? One young woman has decided to celebrate her 9 year anniversary as a Lupus survivor by turning South Carolina and Georgia purple Friday, March 15th. Jade Nealious has made it her mission to "Give Lupus Royal Treatment" get more on her efforts HERE.

Geeking out!

Stephen Miano joined us with some great info about life on mars. Here is what he shared:

Curiosity, the little rover that could. After a quick detour to Yellowknife Bay, a nice little vacation spot on Mars, Curiosity found evidence of a real riverbed on the red planet. And now with recent rock samples showing the required building blocks for life, the possibility of life having existed on Mars is that much more real. The landscape on Mars is pretty toxic. Oxidized minerals and caustic powder. But below the immediate surface they found all sorts of base minerals. Hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and carbon. Those are some of the key elements for life people. Life.

So curiosity found life?

Not exactly. Sadly, our little rover doesn't have the tools to detect actual life. But this is pretty strong evidence that the planet was at one point not only hospitable to life, but down right cozy. Running water that was not toxic like previously thought, but actually drinkable, according to lead researchers.

Drinkable water on Mars?

Well, at some point. Thatâ??s what the evidence suggests. We're basically looking at the stuff microbes would use to generate energy. This is pretty big news for NASA. I think Curiosity is going too far exceed expectations, and we're already seeing pretty amazing things.

How did Curiosity find this stuff?

Curiosity dug beneath the surface, and after grinding a little bit of the sample up, he.. Sheâ?¦ fed it to two onboard labs: CheMin (Chemistry and Mineralogy) and SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars). Check out the NASA website, there are some awesome images!

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