Mother pleas for lawmakers to wash out bath salts

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- We talked with a woman by the name of Angie, who doesn't want her last name revealed. She says her 19 year son may never be the same.

This after she says he voluntary swallowed some bath salts.

"The bath salts that he took caused him to have an extremely bad reaction and almost four days of manic behavior, had the whole family thinking he needed to be put away," says Angie.

Angie says her son bought it from a store called Time Warp in Lexington. But the owner denies those claims.

"I would never sell anything that would hurt anyone and once someone leaves my shop with something I can't help if they misuse it or don't follow directions on the package," says Jenny Baker.

Angie's son's case bringing awareness to a problem that several states have been dealing with folks buying legal items and misusing them.

South Carolina lawmakers are taking aim at the new national drug trend of bath salts.

A proposed bill would add bath salts to the list of schedule one drugs.

These are drugs that have no medical purpose. Angie agrees.

"There are multiple suicides, multiple heart attacks, strokes. An over abundance of things that are detrimental to these children and are life long issues," says Angie.

Time Warp store owner Jenny Baker says she sells items like potpourri and incense and says she's doing nothing wrong, because they're legal.

"We follow the law. I'm not trying to run a business to harm anyone, says Baker.

As for Angie she says she hopes lawmakers will act quickly before someone else gets hurt.