Move-In Day 2012: The freshmen arrive at USC's Columbia campus

An estimated 2,000 students moved into on-campus housing Friday at USC's Columbia campus.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- With another school year around the corner, thousands of college freshmen are moving away from home and onto USC's campus for the first time. And even though move-in day there is Saturday, an estimated 2,000 freshmen arrived Friday, filling the streets of campus with boxes, bags and lots of traffic.

"It's kind of hectic and crazy, but it's expected," said Hannah Nieman, a freshman at USC from North Augusta, SC.

Another 3,000 mostly-freshman students are expected to move into on-campus housing Saturday, said Kirsten Kennedy, executive director of University Housing at USC.

"Tomorrow it's kind of organized chaos," said Kennedy. "We've got our Residence Halls Association. RHA does what they call their parking project, and they'll be here directing traffic -- limiting people to 20 minutes to unload their vehicles."

Before arriving on campus, students should have their name, residence hall and room number written on all boxes to keep items from being lost, said Kennedy. And it is important to bring a lot of patience, because lines are going to be long, said Kennedy.

"There'll be a lot of helpers here tomorrow from the campus community helping them get their belongings up into the buildings," said Kennedy. "So traffic will probably be heavy, but we've got a plan to help move them through."

After beating most freshmen to move-in, Nieman says the rest of the students planning to arrive Saturday will have greater success if they stay hydrated, bring something with wheels to help move large items, wear sneakers, and bring lots of help.