Multi-State crime ring busted in the Midlands


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- A multi-agency effort results in the arrest of eight suspects in a multi-state crime ring that had been operating for 10 years.

Richland Sheriff Leon Lott said the group, dubbed by law enforcement, as the Felony Lane Gang, has been operating out of Florida. Lott said the gang operated by breaking into vehicles in large parking lots and taking bags purses and other items.

If the gang found check books, they would drive to an area bank and drive through the lane farthest from the teller window, so they wouldn't be easily identified by bank employees.

So far eight suspects have been arrested in both Columbia and Fort Lauderdale. Lott did not specify which suspects were arrested where.

Among those arrested:

Courtney Walker, 25, Casey Goings, 22, Byron Robinson, 27, Walter James Tillman, 25,

Donnie Dinkins, 26, Tavares Mills, 26, Kimberly Brogdon, 29, Brandily Kersey, 27.

The charges range from bank fraud to forgery to breaking into motor vehicle.

Lott wants to prosecute the 8 as a group with the charge of conspiracy tacked on to the other charges.

Authorities have yet to decide if the group will be prosecuted at the federal or state level.

Lott said other sub-groups are still operating across the country.