Museum asks public to be the curator

An untitled photograph taken by Sallie Mann.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- Over the next 52 days Columbia residents have the chance to "be the curator." If you have no idea what that means, no worries.

Right now there's a major funraising effort at the columbia museum of art that you can be a part of.

Six volunteers from the community, including myself, have each selected a piece from the columbia museum of art collection.

They're not currently on view, and its up to us to get you to put our piece back on display.

I selected The Sallie Mann, here's what I told the Columbia Museum of Art after selecting the piece, "I love that its untitled. When I first saw the piece it kind of reminded me of life. Its as if youre looking through someones eye. Theres just a lone pot, out there in a field of trees but the pot is open. So were all out here in the world, just each individual and its up to to choose what we let deposit into us thats kind of what I saw."

So what does it mean to be a curator? I sat down with CMA's curator Will South to learn more.

"To be a curator broadly means that you care for the conservation, the longterm health of the art, keeping it in good condition, so that it can be exhibited, so that it can survive theoretically, forever," says South.

South says the Sallie Mann piece piqued his interest as well.

"She gives you a landscape at a certain time and in a certain atmosphere," says South, "and shes printed it a certain way in a dark room. If you visited that location today, you might not match at all with the image that youre looking at. Shes giving you a glimpse of a place that will never look that way again."

So now I'm sure youre wondering how donating and supporting my selected piece helps the museum, South explains.

"The money from Be the Curator goes into our annual fund...whether thats conservation, exhibitions, or research, I would assume even travel sometimes so its very important to recieve those funds to continue to do what we do."

So if you'd like to "Be the Curator" and pledge your support for my particular piece of art, just visit the Columbia Museum of Art's website!

The winner will be announced on May 16th.