Museum Road Show turns trash to treasure

An artifact on display before being appraised by a textile expert.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Residents flooded the State Museum Saturday to find out what their collectibles are worth.

Inspired by PBSâ?? â??Antiques Roadshow,â?? the Museum Road Show offered informal appraisals of a variety of objects.

A fan of the show, Joseph Sutton, brought a painting he recently purchased hoping to cash in.

"I picked this piece [teddy bear painting] up at the Goodwill, I paid like ten dollars for it so i'm kind of interested to see what the value is," said Sutton. "Don't be scared, if you've got something that you think is worth some value but you don't know, don't have the money to get it appraised, come on down and see what you've got.

Expert appraisers for fine art, textiles, military memorabilia, furniture, jewelry, and more were on hand.