NC father unloads pistol on daughter's laptop over Facebook post

Tommy Jordan took a stand against his 15-year-old daughter after she posted a disrespectful comment about her family on Facebook.

ALBERMARLE, N.C. (WACH) - Teenagers may seem to get away with just about anything these days, but a North Carolina father is making national headlines for taking a stand.

Tommy Jordan of Albermarle, NC, responded to a lengthy, "disrespectful" Facebook post by his 15-year-old daughter by posting a video of himself unloading his pistol into her laptop on YouTube.

The video has received more than 2 million views in two days.

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Dad shoots daughterâ??s laptop after disrespectful Facebook post

NC dad shoots daughterâ??s computer over Facebook post

On his personal Facebook page, Jordan posted a link to his video and said, "Parents and Kids... watch. Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father and I don't know how to correct the situation. Since I can't seem to make any headway with my daughter on Facebook, I chose instead to remedy the problem permanently."

Jordan says in the video that since his daughter wanted to hide the post from everyone, he was going to share it: "To my parents: I'm not your [expletive] slave. It's not my responsibility to clean up your [expletive]. We have a cleaning lady for a reason. Her name is Linda, not Hannah. If you want coffee, get off your [expletive] and get it yourself. If you want a garden, shovel the fertilizer yourself, don't sit back on your [expletive] and watch me do it. If you walk in the house and get mud all over the floor that I just cleaned, be my guest, but clean it up after you are done getting [expletive] everywhere. I'm tired of picking up after you. You tell me at least once a day that I need to get a job. You could just pay me for all the [expletive] I do around the house"

The post continues and Jordan uses the rest of the more than 8-minute video to address Hannah, his 15-year-old daughter, and her complaints.

Among other things, he mentions that Hannah is never to refer to Linda as a "cleaning lady" again, and that Linda has worked harder in one day than Hannah has ever worked in her life.

Jordan lets Hannah know his intentions for the video toward the end of his rant.

"As soon as I'm done, I'm going to post this on your Facebook wall so all those kids that thought it was cool for how rebellious you were can see what happens. And all the parents may get an idea to put a boot up their own kid's [expletive]."

The video then shows a laptop on the ground.

"That right there is your laptop...This right here is my .45," said Jordan before unloading the pistol into the computer.

Jordan concluded the video by saying, "I hope you enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, hope it was worth all this. Have a good day, y'all!"

To view the complete video, click here. NOTE: The video contains language and content that may not be appropriate for young viewers.