NC father who shot daughter's laptop is moving on

Tommy Jordan has been actively posting to his personal Facebook page since the video went viral last week.

ALBEMARLE, NC (WACH) - The North Carolina father who became an overnight celebrity after posting a YouTube video of himself shooting his daughter's laptop is moving on.

Tommy Jordan has been actively posting to his personal Facebook page since the video went viral last week.

Jordan addresses the whirlwind of events that have occurred as a result of the video through detailed Facebook status updates.

According to Jordan, his family is now dealing with "impostors, duplicators, and hundreds of other issues...that we can't avoid or handle."

"On the advice of our attorneys, we're issuing blanket copyright statements across the board and warnings to everyone who's tried to impersonate any of us or duplicate ANY of our online content. This isn't because we wanted to.. it's because some idiot(s) pretending to be me or my family members has been online chatting with people, uploading videos pretending to be me etc... if ONE of those sets off a spark of rage, then I've got some gun-toting idiot stalking my house and trying to cause harm to my family because of something they're convinced I've said. This has to stop," said Jordan. "So, if you've been illegally duplicating the video, take it down. If you've put up a Facebook page that pretends to BE me, take it down. Otherwise, the lawsuits start tomorrow morning."

A positive outcome of the video is that Jordan's 15-year-old daughter, Hannah, whose Facebook post instigated the video, has received at least one job offer.

"I wanted to send a Shout Out to Morgan's Dairy Bar for their job offer for my daughter. You're a little over an hour away, so it's probably not a likely option for us, but your offer is genuinely awesome," said Jordan.

Jordan even had the answer to the question many have been asking, "why don't you just take the video down."

"Because our attorney's told us not to. The license granted to YouTube when it was posted protects us as long as it's hosted there. Once it gets removed, that particular copyright protection and intellectual property right ceases to exist on the YouTube medium. Additionally, my own thought on the matter was "Well, it's out there now and I can' take it back. If I take it down, it'll only get replaced with some pieced-together edited version or portrayed some other way. Taking it down would only imply that we are hiding from it and trying to make it go away," said Jordan.

"We do want it all to go away, but we're not hiding from it. I said it and everyone knows it... there's nothing else to do but leave it."

To view the original video, click here. NOTE: The video contains language and content that may not be appropriate for young viewers.