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      Nearly two weeks later, city leaders unsure if, when Columbia police chief will return

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Tuesday marks two weeks since Police Chief Randy Scott abruptly left his office on an indefinite leave of absence.

      WACH FOX News has reached out to city leaders with questions about Scott's departure, but answers were limited.

      City Manager Teresa Wilson told WACH FOX Monday there has been no change and that Scott has not given any indication when he will return. Wilson says she does not know if Scott plans to come back.

      Two weeks ago Wilson told WACH FOX there was a "complaint or issue" regarding Chief Scott prior to his request for a leave of absence. She has not told us whether that complaint or issue was related to that leave.

      As of Monday, the city had not set a time limit for Scott's personal leave, so he could essentially be away for years and still return as chief of police.

      He is getting paid while he is off the job.

      Deputy Chief Ruben Santiago is Acting Chief of Police during Scott's leave.

      Santiago again told WACH FOX last week that his position as chief is only temporary -- that he is "only filling in."