Neglected and abused horses learn to trust again

"Stud Muffin" the horse.

CAMDEN, SC (WACH) -- Bruce Anderson is in the business of healing and by the time he started working with some of these abused horses, their physical wounds had healed but their emotional wounds were a different story.

Anderson recalls the first time this particular horse Stud Muffin was brought to him.


t was so bad that he busted his mouth with his own front legs, he was so terrified." said Anderson.

Anderson is a horse trainer who was contracted by the Humane Society to help with a number of abused and neglected horses who were rescued.

Anderson works to help the horses become more manageable, with the goal of aiding the humane society to place them in permanent homes.

"So people can go to the next step and use them for riding or just have them out in their yard to keep other horses company," said Anderson.

Anderson says people can learn a lot from these gentle giants.

In helping these horses overcome their obstacles he has also conquered his own.

"If it wasn't for this work that I do than I more than likely I would be dead because I suffer from depression and through this I was able to see my true self worth," said Anderson.

Ten of the horses seized in the 2008 Trexler Horse case are still up for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting the remaining horses can call the Humane Society at 803-783-1267.