Neighborhood safety concerns in North Columbia

City leaders address safety concerns in the North Columbia community.

Columbia (WACH)--There have been several safety initiatives put into motion to help revitalize the North Main area of Columbia.

The Facade Improvement Program is one of many initiatives that has people moving to North Columbia, but recent violence in the area has some residents, like Tony Stalk, second guessing their decision to move to the area.

"We've had a whole bunch of shootings over here lately and I think it can be improved," said Stalk.

The Columbia native lives only a few blocks away from where a recent shooting took place.

Stalk is concerned about his family's safety.

"I think the police department can do more to step up their patrols," said Stalk.

The Columbia Police Department says they have countless safety measures planned for North Columbia.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin addressed the North Columbia community at an Eau Claire community council meeting Tuesday evening.

Mayor Benjamin told residents that the city has delegated thousands of dollars to make the city safe and reassured residents like Stalk that moving to North Columbia was the right decision.