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      Neighbors and Sheriff work to close down Club Crush

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Rebecca Haynes is the president of the Earlewood Community Citizens Association.

      She says club Crush, a night club in her neighborhood has been a concern for some time.

      After many complaints to law enforcement she's glad action is being taken against the club.

      "This one is different; this one brings a level of danger that is completey unnecessary and the illegal activity must stop," says Haynes.

      Wednesday night Richland County deputies taking action on those complaints by raiding Club Crush.

      They say they found drugs, gambling and illegal sales of alcohol among other possible violations.

      "It is dangerous for the community. It is dangerous for the neighbors. It's dangerous for the customers coming to it. No business should have that level of danger and violence associated with it," adds Haynes.

      Sheriff Leon Lott says since January 2010 deputies have responded to 142 incidents at the night club.

      More than 40 of them have included shootings and assaults.

      Captain Chris Cowan says the sheriff and solicitor Dan Johnson are working together to close down club Crush.

      However itâ??s a lengthy process and until then deputies have a close eye on the club.

      "We'll continue to monitor everyday, every night what goes on there. Exactly who's going in and out there, exactly what's supposed to be going on there and not going on," said Captain Chris Cowan.

      Cowan adds both the sheriff's department and the solicitors office have met with club owners and management many times to help curb crime at crush and restore peace of mind to neighbors.

      "Those good people in that area want to see positive things, positive businesses, positive environments for the children to grow up in," adds Cowan.ã??

      "I think that's something that makes us push forward, despite blemishes like Club Crush, is that we will still continue to function as a vibrant community and we will fight for our safety," adds Haynes.