Neighbors hope Trump's infrastructure bill will fix crumbling roads


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) --- Since the 2015 flood, Loureatha Pitman has been dealing with a problem in her Northeast Columbia neighborhood.

Road closures have drivers using her street off Wilson Boulevard as a detour. “I’d like to see the road corrected so I can go out walking in the morning,” Pitman said. “The road being out means we have extreme traffic.”

Pitman said she used to walk her grandchildren on the road, but the uptick in traffic has eliminated that option and hurt the neighborhood.

Nearly three years have passed since neighbors said they’ve not been able to use a portion of Wilson Blvd, they said since then they’ve experienced increased traffic, increased burglaries, and home value depreciation.

On Tuesday, Governor McMaster met with state officials to talk about President Trump's proposal to improve the country's infrastructure and whether that $1.5 trillion proposal will help people like Loureatha Pitman and her neighbors remains to be seen. “With the Trump administration,” McMaster said. “We have a great opportunity open to us right now.” SCDOT Secretary Christy Hall said, right now it’s hard to tell if Pitman’s neighborhood would receive the funding.

Pitman just hopes the proposal might help get her neighborhood back to normal someday. “The traffic has hurt us along with the deteriorating of the road,” Pitman said. “I guess people coming through, they’d discovered us back here, and now we are more visible to the public that usually would not be in this neighborhood.”

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